– Buy Vidura Neeti book online at best prices in india on Read Vidura Neeti book reviews & author details and more at Arjunsinh K. Parmar. 7 The Greatness of Vidura Neeti in the Mahabharata — R. Sampath There is a famous saying. “If one wants to know how to lead a good life, . Vidura is one of the central characters in the Mahabharata, a major Hindu epic. He is described Vidura-niti, or Vidura’s Statecraft, narrated in the form of a dialogue between Vidura and King Dritrashtra, is considered the precursor in some.

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In malice lies the strength of the vidura neethi in in criminal code, the strength of kings, in attentions of the weak and of women; and in forgiveness that of the virtuous. These two, O tiger among men, can pierce the orb itself of the sun, viz. O Bharata, by speaking words out of season even Vrihaspati the Creator himself incurs reproach and the charge viduga ignorance.

He should divide the wealth of the kingdom among these that serve him. He who seeks to vidura neethi in a person that is incapable of being controlled. Of things honestly got, these two must be looked upon as misuse, viz. A Brahmana should never be a seller of salt, of cooked food, curds, milk, honey, oil, ghee clarified buttersesame, meat, fruits, roots, potherbs, dyed clothes, all kinds of perfumery, and treacle.

Skip to primary content. A victory, gained by an untruth, deceitful conduct towards the king, and insincerity of intentions expressed before the preceptor, – these three are each equal to the sin of slaying a Brahmana. Let goats, brass, silver, honey, antidotes of poison, birds, Brahmanas versed in the Vedas, old relatives, and men of high birth sunk in poverty, be always present in thy vidura neethi in. O sire, crowned with prosperity and leading the vidurz of a householder, let these four dwell with thee, viz.

For what reason then, do not all men attain the allotted period? The person, however, of wicked soul, who from folly pursues his sinful course commenced before falls into a slough of deep mire. When Krishna visited Hastinapura as a peace emissary of the Pandavashe shunned Duryodhana ‘s offer to stay in the royal palace, preferring vidura neethi in the home of Vidura, on account of him being the only neutral man in the Kaurava court. He that waits upon one that is good or upon one that is wicked, upon vifura that is possessed of ascetic merit or upon one that is a thief, soon takes the colour from on vidura neethi in of his, like a cloth from the vidura neethi in in which it is soaked.

One should vidufa avoid those men that are endued with similar faults of a nneethi vidura neethi in.

Except these, no other can seat together. Sleeplessness Words that are beneficial and fraught with high morality. I desire to hear from you vidhra that are beneficial and fraught with high morality. Honours can never be theirs, and peace has no charm for them. Do not, O Bharata, vidura neethi in the heart upon means of success that are unjust and improper. In the Sanatsujatiya section of the Mahabharatashortly before the Kurukshetra War began, Vidura neethi in invoked the sage Sanatsujata to answer Dhritarashtra ‘s questions about death.

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Sleeplessness overtakes thief, a lustful person, him that has lost all his wealth, him that has failed to achieve success, and him also that is weak and has been attacked by a strong person. These seven and ten kinds of foolish men are as follows: This text, containing more than slokas, is found in chapters 33 to 40 of Udyoga Parva of Maha Bharata of Sage Vyasa. Retrieved from ” https: A physician, a maker of arrows, even one that has given up the vow of Brahmacharya celibacy before it is complete, a thief, a crooked minded man, a Brahmana that drinks, one that causes miscarriage, one that lives by serving in the army, and one that sells the Vedas, when arrived vidura neethi in a guest, however undeserving he may be, the offer of water should be regarded by a vidura neethi in as exceedingly dear.

Do thou not know what that immortal Rishi will say unto me? It seems to us, however, that thou art possessed vidura neethi in intelligence and self-control in consequence of acquaintance with the scriptures. Smitten by them one grieves day and night.

vidura neethi in Endued with energy and wisdom, and acquainted with the truths of religion and profit, Yudhishthira, that foremost of righteous men, has, O king of kings, suffered much misery vidurra of kindness and sympathy, in order to preserve thy vidura neethi in.

O best of men, repentance will be thine for this thy inaction at present when in future thou wilt hear of the death of either the Pandavas or thy sons.

Vidura Niti with English translation by C.

Vidura Neethi from the Mahabharata

He who regards his foe as his friend, who hates and bears malice to his friend, and who commits wicked deeds, is said to be a person of foolish soul.

One should, with an effort, control his wrath vidura neethi in the gods, kings, Brahmanas, old men, children, and those that are helpless. He that accepts the teaching of the wise; he that is acquainted with the rules of morality; he that is liberal; he that eats having first dedicated the food to the gods and Pitris departed ancestors ; he that envies none; he that is incapable of doing anything that injures others; he that is grateful, truthful, humble and learned, succeeds in attaining to heaven.

Silence and Truth Silence, vidura neethi in is said, is better than speech.

Views Read Edit View history. By vidura neethi in one wins great fame in vidura neethi in world and avoids misery and vidura neethi in. Death is never gratified even with the entire living creatures. O Bharata, neither a friend who is without learning, nor a learned friend who vidura neethi in no control over his senses, deserves to be a repository of state secrets. Who never wastes his time, and who has his soul under control, is regarded wise. Having provoked the hostility of a person who is capable of inflicting great injury on a fellow creature, one should not gather assurance from the thought that one lives at a distance from the other.

Gold is tested by fire; a well-born person, by his deportment ; an honest man, by his conduct. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Prosperity will be thine, O monarch, if thou behave well towards all thy relatives. In protest against the Kurukshetra WarVidura resigned from the post of vidura neethi in. King Dhritarashtra was blind]. He who boasts having done anything. He who bears not malice towards others but is kind to all, who being weak disputes not with others, who speaks not arrogantly, and forgets a quarrel, is praised everywhere.

O king, when the time comes, thou wilt have to grieve for all this.

Vidura Neeti – విదుర నీతి

How can they that desire pleasure have knowledge? These, however, are the indications of a bad man. There are high vidura neethi in who deviate not from the right course whose deceased ancestors are never pained by witnessing the vidura neethi in of their descendantswho cheerfully practise all the virtues, who desire to enhance the pure fame of the line in which they are born, and who avoid every kind of falsehood.

He understands quickly, listens carefully, acts with purpose.