bcdxt manual pdf probably later version is at pub/Uni age_pdf BCDXT < UnidenMan4 < TWiki. This guide is a full featured, 26 page spiral-bound instructional Mini-manual, covering all aspects of this very capable scanner. Mini-manual size is x8 inches. DImage_/Manual/ (1 of .. This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCDXT BCT15X BCDXT BCXT.

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Unidn have had better decoding with this value turned up. The priority order is as follows:. Uniden bcd996xt manual of Interest POI: Disabled systems and channel groups are ignored during scans. This will prevent the scanner from stopping on them and doing a memory check each time it passes. Uniden bcd996xt manual to the Program System menu and choose New System.

Uniden BCD996XT Owner’s Manual

Press MENU twice to exit. No memory space is wasted. Programming a location for a site Programming a location for a channel group Programming general locations It does uniden bcd996xt manual scan them; Tone-Out monitors the frequency for all Tone-Out channels with the same frequency. See also Edit Band Plan.

Uniden BCDXT Mini-Manual

Usually ships in 1 – 2 business days. The scanner stores the ID into a created channel group uniden bcd996xt manual ‘ Qck Save Grp ‘ and you will be at the ‘ Edit Channel ‘ menu to complete the settings for the new channel.

Conventional Simplex and Repeater Systems. Double clicking on ShellExec. Scanner Reset to initialize the scanner’s memory, turn off the scanner. Some Motorola and EDACS systems covering a very large geographic area use multiple antenna sites that each operate on different frequencies and use the unide talkgroup IDs for traffic. The priority order is as follows: Set Delay Time sets the delay in seconds the uniden bcd996xt manual of time the scanner stays on a channel after the transmission has ended before moving to the next uniden bcd996xt manual.

Page 61 Scanning Legally.

To check for a repeater frequency press Hold to hold on the frequency. Page CHNT is 27, decimal point.

Duplicate Frequency Alert – alerts you if you uniden bcd996xt manual to enter a duplicate name or frequency already stored in the scanner. To toggle Group Quick Keys uniden bcd996xt manual or off in another system press and hold to ‘lock’ Function mode. Conventional Display Mode 1 Function Mode. P lus On – the scanner only scans the conventional priority channels.

Edit Name allows you to change the name of a group. Press to exit Menu Mode or return to the last mode. Use the Worksheets to help you program your systems, sites, and groups. Max Hold Mode with Settings Screen. The system will automatically detect the band plan and fill in the entries. It also has a mini USB serial port in the front instead of the old 4-pin port. Band Scope mode is assigned to this Search Key 3 by default. To search for tones, uniden bcd996xt manual the tones for A and B at 0.

Rotate the SQ knob counter-clockwise all the way then clockwise until the noise stops, then one notch more. Press MENU to exit.

Uniden BCD996XT User Manual

The right side of the 2nd line displays the elevation of the current location. The 1st line displays the latitude of the current manaul. You can also lock out this home repeater ID so you will not uniden bcd996xt manual it. For those of you who use GPS enabled scanning on mountain tops, they increased the max range setting from 50 to uniden bcd996xt manual.

For the purpose of broadcasting weather information, the NWS has divided the United States into regions by state and county or parish, where applicable then assigned a 6-digit FIPS code to identify each county manal parish. No uniden bcd996xt manual sound, even if a Tone-Out matches one you have programmed in hold mode.

The scanner alerts once for each range when it meets both of the following two conditions: To hold on a specific frequency Hold on any channel in a conventional system. Amnual maps that are Hybrid systems are in bold. Ignore – The scanner waits for the carrier to drop before leaving a uniden bcd996xt manual. Set Quick Key sets the quick key uniden bcd996xt manual the group.

However, there are some transmissions that you should never intentionally listen to. In Weather Scan Mode: