Read The Secret of the Nagas online free from your Mobile, Pc. The Secret of the Nagas is a Fantasy novel by Amish Tripathi. The Secret of the Nagas (Book 2) [Amish] on *FREE* Amish Tripathi ‘S Shiva Trilogy-nagas, Mehula & the Oath of the Vayuputras. Amish. The Secret of the Nagas: The Shiva Trilogy: Book 2 – Kindle edition by Amish Tripathi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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The Secret of the Nagas – Wikipedia

Rarely one comes across a sequel better than its predecessor. Generally a book opens up with the author thanking his family and friends. Shiva, the Tibetan immigrant who is the prophesied destroyer of evil, will not rest till he finds his demonic adversary.

View all 12 comments. It was a disappointment. Kindle Editionpages. Add to teipathi a very simple language, and a proper thriller unfolding over multiple books, and you have something that’s unputdownable.

The Secrets is not a bad book. Just like light, which helps you to see, there are radio waves to help you hear. Shiva forgives him and together with Sati, confronts Daksha, who confesses to murdering Sati’s first husband and denouncing Kali and Ganesh. Amish conveniently named him Kartik.

That is not to say that it is not a good read – it is just that I was expecting the second book to be better than the first in some ways at least, and quite frankly, it is not.

Unbelievable secrets the secret of the nagas by amish tripathi be revealed in this second book of the Shiva Trilogy, the sequel to the 1 national bestseller, The Immortals of Meluha. Views Read Edit View history.

But the curious thing about this book is that even though you want to be surprised and confronted with out of the world conspiracy theories with each turn tripathii the secret of the nagas by amish tripathi page it is the very same predictability that keeps you hooked. To me, his work seems to be a perfect conjugation of an Arthurian quest and everything Bollywood.

Retrieved tdipathi December They are flabbergasted, they pirouette in the middle of a fight, and use words like ‘exponentially’, ‘gargantuan’ and ‘plethora’ in their speech. A nagass sequel to the immortals of meluha the secret of the nagas by amish tripathi similar to that one, even this part is stopped at a very crucial juncture, to those who have the bad habit of reading the last page of a novel first, do not do so with this one ; Coming to the story, nothing much that i can talk about it without spoiling the experience for those who are yet to read it.

Retrieved 25 January Scion of Ikshvaku Sita: This one opened up in a similar manner The lines were so few, but they sunk deep inside my heart. Easy to read secreh enjoy, it truly is an amar chitra katha in novel form as the cover proudly?

02 The Secret Of The Nagas Amish Tripathi

Return to Book Page. But I also think that he is, till date, the only author who has given us the secret of the nagas by amish tripathi similar to the legendary works of R. The science of radio waves. Eagerly waiting for the third part “The oath of vaayuputras” The Immortals of Meluha. The book tries to find answers to these questions. Retrieved 4 September He is passionate about history, mythology and philosophy, finding beauty and meaning in all world religions.

Am not an expert on the Hindu mythology, so maybe it’s just my impression!

Tripathi is an excellent story-teller. Book 2 also ends with revelations and a set of questions which most likely will be answered in The Oath of the Vayuputras. I get that the author has tried to give the story as modern a take as possible, but I can’t quite digest the fact that these people know of “radio waves” and “accumulator machines” OR that they say things like “You’re a year old virgin??

At last shiva married to Sati, this is only matters to read this book. Nah, jika kalian penyuka misteri, jangan khawatir. I need soldiers who will kill and live.

Retrieved 31 August There were a lot of new characters now, making it tough to remember who is who. Unbelievable secrets will be revealed in this second book of the Shiva Trilogy, the sequel to the 1 national bestseller, The Immortals of Meluha. All in all the trilogy is an interesting idea that could have been a Umberto Eco kind of novel, but ends up being Thiruvilayadal movie. Now that was obvious tripayhi the first book the secret of the nagas by amish tripathi was no “secret”.

Buat pecinta romance, ada satu romance unyu menanti.

Archived from the original on 12 October The sinister Naga warrior has killed his friend Brahaspati and now stalks his wife Sati.

We wait for the third book in the series to see how this humdrum narrative comes to an end. Archived from the original on 18 October