12 Jun Profile and biography of Periyar E. V. Ramasamy. He is affectionately called as Thanthai Periyar or E. V. R. by his followers. He is a great. LIFE HISTORY OF E.V. RAMASAMY. Family Background. Periyar E.V. Ramasamy’s father, Venkata Naicker at his initial stage worked as an assistant to a stone. 15 Mar First of all the women whom Periyar was about to marry was not 26 years old it was allegedly proclaimed by C.N. Annadurai who was also a important member.

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Periyar and his followers thanthai periyar history in constantly to influence and pressure the government to take measures to remove social inequality, abolish untouchability, manual scavenging system etc even while other nationalist forerunners focused on the struggle for political independence.

Although Periyar’s speeches were targeted towards the illiterate and more mundane masses, scores of educated people were also swayed. Retrieved 28 November Advocacy of such a nation became illegal when separatist demands were banned by law in Archived from the original on 28 February He passed away on December 24, when he was On castehe believed that the Kural illustrates how Vedic laws of Manu were against the Sudras and other communities of the Dravidian race.

He explained thantha the introduction of Hindi was a dangerous mechanism used by the Aryans to infiltrate Dravidian culture. In an article entitle Gandhi thanthai periyar history in Ambedkar, A Study in LeadershipEleanor Zelliot relates the thanthai periyar history in Satyagraha’, including Gandhi’s negotiations with the temple authorities in relation to the event.

India since thahthai great rebellion. On 24 DecemberPeriyar died at the age of He could not tolerate the denial of rights to Sudras in favor of Brahmins. Soundarapandian Nadar was a close confidant of Periyar and encouraged Nadars to be a part of the Self-Respect Movement.

Brahmanical priesthood and Sanskritic social class-value hierarchy were blamed thanthai periyar history in the existence of inequalities among non-Brahmin caste groups.

Thanthai periyar history in then decided to convene a movement to resist the Congress. The reason for this action was that Periyar held the Government responsible for maintaining the caste system. A history of modern India. Thakurta, Paranjoy Guha; Shankar Raghuraman Freedom means respect to thoughts and actions considered ‘right’ by human beings on the basis of ‘reason’.

Archived from the original on 26 December Annadurai [18] and M. Retrieved 27 October After stating reasons for separation and turning down opinions against it, he closed thanthai periyar history in speech with a “war cry” to join and burn the map of India on 5 June.

Periyar Life History In Tamil Pdf Free Download | True Tamil

He wanted to retain English as the official language instead of Hindi. Villages tjanthai influenced by its message. Comparative study of Ambedkar and Periyarp.

Archived from the original on 29 September Wikimedia Commons has media related to E. Archived from the original on 12 March Ramasamy and the eradication of caste.

Another accomplishment took place during the s when Thanthai periyar history in replaced Sanskrit as the temple language in Tamil Pfriyar, while Dalits were finally eligible for priesthood.

He said that he was not anti-Brahmin but advocated anti-Brahminism. Language Devotion in Tamil Nadu, — Passions of the Tongue: A training school in Self-Respect was opened at Erode, the home town of Periyar. That session decided to promote movements against untouchability. Thanthai periyar history in emotions of Dalit Liberation.

Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

Periyar viewed Christianity similar to the monotheistic faith of Islam. Additionally, statements on the presence of evidence for linking Dravidian languages and Indo-European languages are available. Ramanathan and Erode Ramu, to personally acquaint himself with their political systemssocial movementsway of life, economic and thanthai periyar history in progress and administration of public bodies.