2 On or after 1 July , this Code will be mandatory for fire safety systems required by the SOLAS Convention, as amended. Any future amendment to . 22 Jul The Safety system on chapter II-2 of SOLAS is known as Fire Safety System Code (FSS code).It includes ISC,fire fighting system,fire suit,fire. 23 Sep “Equipment” includes appliances. “FSS Code” means the International Code for Fire Safety Systems, published by the IMO. “FTP Code” means.

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In cargo ships, an indicating unit shall be located on the navigation bridge if the control panel is located in the fire control station. At higher rates of temperature rise, the heat detector shall operate within temperature limits to the satisfaction of the Administration solas ffa code regard to the avoidance of detector insensitivity or oversensitivity.

PART IV: SOLAS CHAPTER II-2 Construction – Fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction

solas ffa code Stairways and corridors used as means solxs escape shall be not less than mm in clear width and shall have a handrail on one side. Such units shall indicate in which section served by the sokas a fire has occurred and shall be centralised on the navigating bridge or in the continuously manned central control station and, in addition, visible and audible alarms from the unit shall also be placed in a position other than on the aforementioned spaces to ensure that the indication of fire is immediately received by the crew.

However, the Administration may permit such a section of sprinklers to serve more than two decks or be situated in more than one main vertical zone, if it is satisfied that the codee of the ship against fire will not thereby be reduced.

Cables used in the electrical circuits shall be flame retardant according to standard IEC Alternatively, a discharge pipe from the safety valves may be fitted and led directly to the open air. Flow at the required pressure solas ffa code be verified for the system using orifices fitted to the test line.

If questions are raised regarding the content, the original version of the regulatory framework as published through the official channels prevails. Such systems shall, as far as practibable, comply with the requirements of this chapter. Cooling water shall be taken from not less than two sea connections, preferably one port and one starboard. The audible alarms shall be located so as to be audible throughout the protected space with all machinery operating, and the alarms should be distinguished from other audible alarms by adjustment of solas ffa code pressure or sound patterns.

Where non-metallic materials are used, they shall be electrically conductive.

FSS Code – Wikipedia

For cargoes for which foam is not effective or is incompatible, additional arrangements to the satisfaction of the Administration shall be provided. Different foam concentrate types shall not be mixed in a low-expansion foam system. The outer surface shall be water-resistant; boots of rubber or other electrically non-conducting material; rigid helmet providing effective protection against impact; electric safety lamp hand lantern of an approved type with a minimum burning period of 3 hours.

It shall be provided with positive means of closure. Relaties 0 relaties gevonden bij document. Case 1 Passengers in cabins with maximum solas ffa code capacity fully occupied; members of the crew in cabins occupied to two thirds of maximum berthing capacity; and service spaces occupied by one third of the crew.

If the fuel tank serves other internal combustion engines simultaneously, the total fuel tank capacity shall be adequate for all connected engines. The number of ducts may be different, but the minimum design filling rate determined during approval testing shall be provided by the system. The solas ffa code shall be so arranged as to avoid galleys, machinery spaces and other enclosed spaces of high fire risk except in so far as it is necessary to solas ffa code the appropriate switchboards.

Systems using outside air but with generators located inside the protected space and supplied by fresh air ducts may be accepted by the Administration provided that these systems have been shown to have performance and reliability equivalent to systems defined in 3. A notice in English and French indicating the connection’s location and the maximum working pressure of the piping system solas ffa code be posted on the vessel. If the detection system is fitted with remotely and individually identifiable solas ffa code detectors, the sections may cover several decks and serve any number of enclosed spaces.

For ffs using flue gas, silas gas isolating valves shall be fitted in the inert ocde mains between the boiler solas ffa code and the flue gas scrubber. All air cylinders for breathing apparatus shall be interchangeable.

However, in such a case the solas ffa code of solzs applicator shall be at least 25 percent of the foam solution supply rate required. When medium expansion ratio foam between 21 to 1 and to 1 expansion ratio is employed, the application rate of the foam and the capacity of a monitor installation shall be to the satisfaction of the Administration. Chapter 16 Fixed hydrocarbon gas detection systems 1 Application 1.

Relaties 3 relaties gevonden bij document. Zoeken op tekst Zoeken. In this solas ffa code, consideration shall be given to the fire protection requirements and sizing of sllas and doors from the stairway enclosure to the assembly station and solas ffa code the assembly station to the embarkation deck, noting that evacuation of persons from assembly stations to embarkation positions will be carried out in small control groups.

The emergency power solas ffa code shall be provided from outside the protected machinery space. The width of these stairways and doors need not exceed 1, mm unless larger dimensions are required for evacuation of these spaces under normal conditions.

Continuous sampling from other locations may also be considered provided the sampling rate is complied with. Chapter 07 Fixed pressure water-spraying and water-mist fire-extinguishing systems 1 Application Solas ffa code chapter details the specifications for fixed pressure water-spraying and water mist fire-extinguishing systems as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention.

The system controls shall be arranged to allow one third, two thirds or the entire quantity of gas to be discharged based on the loading condition of the hold. An indicating unit shall be located on the navigation bridge if the control panel is located in the fire control station. Electric safety lamps on tankers and those intended to be used in hazardous areas shall be of an explosion-proof type solas ffa code ; and axe with a handle solas ffa code with high-voltage insulation.

The emergency power supply shall be provided from outside the protected space. Foam delivery ducts shall be constructed of steel sooas a thickness of not less than 5 mm. Systems using stored carbon dioxide shall not be permitted unless the Administration solas ffa code satisfied that the risk of ignition from generation of static electricity by solas ffa code system itself is minimized. The compartment is to have no direct access to accommodation spaces, service spaces and control stations.