Solar Panel energy Perimeter Alarm Equipment, Security System for Home Garden, 6 Lines Electric Fence Energizer from Shenzhen

Solar Panel Energy Perimeter Alarm Equipment
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Item Details

Supply Ability: 10000 Unit/Units per Year
Payment Terms: D/P,T/T,CASH

Product Description

Solar Panel energy Perimeter Alarm Equipment, Security System for Home Garden, 6 Lines Electric Fence Energizer from Shenzhen

Product Description

Design gist:

Carried standard GB/T7946-2008<Electrical Installation And Safe Operation Of Electric Security Fence>

General description:

Base on LX-2008 electric fence energizer, optimized design on wider input voltage, longer max distance, more prevent function, 6 wire lines belong to 3 currrent circuit for power protecting.

Product working parameter:

Parameter Values
Output peak voltage: 5KV-15KV Output low voltage: 700-1000V
Peak current of pulse: <10A Rated power: ≤15W
Pulse duration: ≤0.1s Pulse interval time: 1s
Max quantity of electricity of pulse: 2.5mc Max energy of pulse: <5.0J
Input voltage: DC12V (AC power adapter to DC) Environment temperature: -40 to +55℃
Power supply: 80V-240V Relative humidity: ≤95%

Function feature:

1.Alarm for cutting, dismantling, short circuit, broken, communicate failed.

2.Wireless remote control to set or cancel defend.

3.PC / Internet control defend mode with software and optional accessories.

4.Auto make phone call and send massage to personal cellphone while alarm ringing .(optional accessories support)

5.Keyboard (optional accessories) control timing defend/ shut, name defend zone, change H/L voltage mode, etc.

6.NO / NC output,alarm light/alarm klaxon output.

7.LCD display include defend mode, voltage, alarm record.

8.DC12V Back up battery support.

9.Differential voltage between adjacent wires which fulling of current.

Extremely low false alarm rate, advanced alarm principle, overcome the technical flaw in infrared, microwave, the electrostatic induction all insulators of perimeter fence are waterproof design, enlarge crawling electricity distance, guarantee it is not affected by the environment, climate and terrain when alarm.

Without blind spot, without dead angle, perimeter electric fence may erect along with the terrain fluctuation, it may install on the main entrance and the corner

Security is reliable, the system adopts the high voltage, low energy design ideas, without any harm to human body

High/ low voltage switch, use it freely, low voltage in day time, high voltage at night.

Unique BI polar technology, makes every strands have electric shock, intruder hard to break in.

LCD display function, directly show the voltage in the panel, user gets it clearly

5 LED indicated lamp, display the working mode clearly. Equipped with12V, 4AH backup battery, convenient management. Constant open/close, DC12V, RS 485 conjunct function when alarm

User can set alarm delayed triggered time freely.

Tamper function, when detector suffers from abnormal dismantle or destroy, will send out ala

rm signals immediately.

1.Alarm for touching

It can ring the alarm while someone touching the wire of the electric fence, the electric fence system can compare the data of the current and voltage around the wire when something is touching on. It can make exactly judgment and send the information of “touching alarm” to the control center and ringing high voice alarm. The intruder will be scared of and run away.

2.High voltage defending

The voltage on the wire can be TWO WORKING MODE: The Low Voltage 600V-1500V (adjustable) and The High Voltage 4000V-6500V (adjustable), it formed a high voltage wire wall to defend private place. It can heat intruder any time and frighten it but will never make it injured. The current energy ≤2.5mC is carried standard GB/T 7946-2008, that is safety for human being and pet animals. It defends personal place from intruding and stealing with safety current and high voltage.

Packaging & Shipping

PRODUCT SIZE: 330×240×128mm NET WEIGHT: 3.24kg

PACKAGING SIZE: 450×340×240mm GROSS WEIGHT: 4.5kg


DELIVERY: 3-7 working days after payment


Our Services

WARRANTY: 3 years for main energizer ( frame no dismantled, no damage to human factors )

Lifetime maintenaince

Install technical guidance


Where does your product use for?


Villa garden


Country yard

Personal forest


Hunting ground

Livestock and poultry farm( horse, sheep, cow, pig, chicken, duck )

Plantation( grape manor, fruit manor, vegetable field )

Air port


Prison( forbidden area use type )

Military area ( forbidden area use type )

Secret science centre ( forbidden area use type )

Dose it wound people or radiant?

It will make intruder SHOCK and FRIGHTEN but NEVER injured( except the forbidden area use type ), and with NO RADIANT to people and animal, NO DESTROY things.

Company Information

Shenzhen Lanstar Technology Co., Ltd is a leading electric fence supplier in China with excellent technology and products, which are approved by ISO-9001, CMA by China security department and CE certificate.

Dedicating to provide best quality products,professional security solution and customized service,Lanstar has offered perimeter security to thousands of companies and governments in more than 20 provinces at domestic market.Besides, our products are distributed to more than 40 countries worldwide.We are a reliable electric fence supplier at home and abroad.

Strong research team guarantees the world-class technology and industry-leading developed potential.At the same time,our investment in R&D pay off:several breakthroughs has achieved in technology.

Products ranging from perimeter security fencing system to agricultural farm fencing system, we aim to be a top international security enterprise, and provide professional service to all over the world.

We are looking forward to being your reliable partner.