Beverage&Food Additive Sucralose powder in China YN039

Beverage Food Additive Sucralose Powder In
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Supply Ability: 1000 Ton/Tons per Year
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Product Description

Product Description
Beverage&Food Additive Sucralose powder in China YN039
White to off-white crystalline power.
Freely soluble in water,in methanol and in alcohol,slightly soluble in ethylacetate.
The infrared adsorption spectrum of a potassium bromide dispersion of the sample exhibits relative maxima at the same wavelengths as those of a similar preparation of Sucralose Standard for analytical use.
The retention time of the major peak (excluding the solvent peak) in the liquid chromatogram of the Sample Preparation obtained in the Assay.
The Rf value of the major spot in the thin-layer chromatogram of the Test Preparation is same as that of Standard Preparation obtained in the test for Related Substances.
Specific Rotation at 20°C.Of 10% Solution in Water.
+84.0°to+87.5° on anhydrous basis.
Water Content(BY KF
Residue on ignition
Limit of hydrolysis products
Limit of methanol
Limit of Lead
MAX.1mg/kg (1ppm).
Not less than 98% and not more than 102% calculated on anhydrous basis.
Heavy metals
Related substances
Hydrolysis products
Total aerobic count
Yeast & Moulds
PH value ( 10% solutio)
Other chlorinated disaccharides
Not more than 0.5%
Chlorinated monosaccharides
Not more than 0.1%
Packaging & Storage
Preserved in a cool dry place.
Particle Size
95% pass 100 mesh
Shelf -life
24 months
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Sucralose Characters and Strengthgtehs

Great Taste:
Sucralose made from sugar ,taste closest to sugar,easily and well accepted by consumer.

Stable Performance: Great heat stability stable in acidic/alkaline product,no chemical reaction with any other ingredients,well accepted and trusted by food and beverage producers.

Great Safety:Suggested ADI 15mg/kg,non-toxic,no calories or carbohydrates,no carbohydrate metabolism,trusted by governments and regulatory agencies.


The safety of sucralose

Using sucrose as the raw material, sucralose is derived through a natural product modification technology. It is approximately 600-650 times the sweetness of sucrose. Since its discovery in 1976, numerous studies have been done on the usage of sucralose and the results have consistently shown it to be very safe.


Beverage (adding amount of sucralose: 100~250mg/Kg)

1>.Original juice, carbonated soft drink, fruit drink and tea drink:

2>.Soybean Milk, Soymilk, Energy Drink, Sports Drink:

3>.Neutral Beverage such as Coffee and Cocoa

4>.Alcoholic Beverage


Chewing gum, peppermint candy, hard candy, soft candy and throat-wetting candy  

Process fruits and vegetables  

Preserved fruits and canned fruits  

Jam, processed vegetables and vegetable juice  

With good permeability, sucralose is applied to fruit cans, preserved fruits, etc.

Medicine and Health Products (appropriate adding amount)

Cough mixture, heat-clearing herbal tea, health-care oral liquid, nutritional supplement, and solid electuary

patients with obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and decayed teeth also can take medicine and health products adopting sucralose, so that the demands of medicine and health products are met.

Dairy Products (adding amount of sucralose for reference: 60~200mg/Kg)

1>. Milk, flavored milk and imitation milk products

2>. yogurt, Fermented milk, Lactic acid bacteria beverage

3>. Ice cream

Others (appropriate adding amount)

1>. Salad dressing, seasoning, condiment, sweetener, extract of spice

2>. meat products, mixture of soup and soup

3>. With good stability performance

Easily soluble in water,Sweetness is pure
To improve the flavor,cover a variety of astringency and bad flavor
Noncaloric,Sweetness is 600 times as sucrose
For obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular patients, children and the elderly to use
good stability
long shelf life
It can be heated to boil,After high temperature sterilization is not damage of sweetness,Don't change efficacy of the Traditional Chinese medicine
Good permeability
Can be used for canned fruit, candied fruit food production
PS:Sucralose is also can be used as a flavoring,make the salty, sour food taste more downy
Packing & delivery

The mode of transportation The type we can provide


Sucralose Quality Standards

Our sucralose products are in full compliance with the follow standards:

1>. FCC
2>. USO/NF
3>. British Pharmacopoeia
4>. GB25531(China National standard)
5>. Japan Food Ingredients standard
6>.JECFA(Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives)

Sucralose Quality System

Our company obtains the following certificates:

● ISO9001
● ISO22000
● BRC(Grade A)
● Kosher


1.The main products we have ?

Corn sdeep liquor powde, 85% pea protein isolate,80% pea protein isolate , pea starch,pea fiber, Sucralose, Gucono Delta Lactone ,L(+)-Tartaric Acid, Vermicelli

Graphite,Long Carbon Chain Dibasic Acid

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Yes, provide sample, depend on products free sample below 1kg. Buyer pay the shipping cost

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T/T, Western union, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assurance .

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4.Are we reliable?

Of course we are an reliable supplier in China. I believe you will know this once we established cooperation .

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Yantai City Shandong Province China

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Depend on products different,will let you know ever details while we talk .

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