Automobiles & motorcycles H13 H4 Car LED Headlight Bulbs

Automobiles Motorcycles H13 H4 Car LED
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Product Description

Automobiles & motorcycles H13 H4 Car LED Headlight Bulbs

Product Description


A. CHIP: best in market
1. model: Phi-lips LUXEON Z ES(much better than MZ). as the pioneer, BT-AUTO is the 1st one to use "Z ES" phi-lips chip for LED headlight in China, just like we were also the 1st one to used "MZ" phi-lips chip before,
2. feature: uniform color temperature, brightness(lumen) and illuminance(lux), highest brightness, illuminance and lighting efficiency, 50,000lux in the center; lowest thermal resistance; better lighting beam control, intense & wide range beam angle. beyond Energy Star Standard,
3. chip packing: TFFC-LED(Thin-Film Flip-Chip LED) technology, without gold thread, improve performance of working under big current and high temperature resistance,
4. tiny & original emitting point: chip size: 2.0x1.6mm(center is 1.6x1.6mm),55mil, tiny & focus emitting surface. 3pcs chipe*2group structure, each group is 2.0x4.8mm, same as halogen emitting point.
5. color difference/devition: tiny <=5 Step MacAdam Elipse,
6. working temperature: -40℃~+120℃
7. color temperature: 2200-6500K(default 6000K), optional:2200K(golden)/3000K/4000K/5000K/6500K(moq:200sets/each)

B. PCB: ensure 1st-level heat-dissipation(from chip to PCB)
1. double-sided red copper with gold-plating: much better than other suppliers who use silver-plating copper or even aluminum PCB. (thermal conductivity: red copper:400+, aluminum 200±) high light efficiency, low thermal resistance, meets the Energy Star Standard. ensuring fast heat conduction from chip to PCB,
2. tiny thickness:1.6mm(2.0mm includes chips at both sides). more focus, enlarge lighting angle, reduce dark area,
3. high precision led chip SMD technology: no pseudo soldering/incomplete welding, won't make chips broken either. perfect heat conduction, making sure led chips working under good situation.

C. ALUMINUM BODY: ensure 2nd-level heat-dissipation(from PCB to aluminum body)
1. good quality: adopt good aluminum, precisely production,

D. COPPER BELT: ensure 3rd-level heat-dissipation(from aluminum body to copper belt)
1. good quality: high density, stretch widely, high quality(cost $1+/M, use 1M+ for each piece led bulb). ensuring fast cooling.(some suppliers use fake copper, actually is aluminum, much lower heat conduction),
2. easy installation: copper belt is flexible, plus bases of our G9X are small, so fits for almost all cars includes the ones have small space for installation,
3. NO FAN, use copper wire net instead of fan, this is very good heat-dissipation system, fundamentally solving led chips broken problem happened when fan runs slow or stops which are caused by dust in or any other reasons,

E. BRIGHTNESS: LUMEN is important, LUX is most important(1 lx=1Lm/m2)
lumen: real 2200lm/H1,H3, 2600lm/H4,H7,
illuminance(LUX): hi/lo:LUX: 2530lx/low beam, 2590lx/high beam,
single:LUX: 2650lx/without projector, 400lx/with projector;. Highest LUX in the market,

F. LIGHT PATTERN: perfect as original
1. tiny & original emitting point: chip size: 2.0x1.6mm(center is 1.6x1.6mm),55mil, tiny & focus emitting surface. 3pcs chipe*2group structure, each group is 2.0x4.8mm, same as halogen emitting point,
2. original lighting pattern of hi/lo(H4,9004,9007,H13): A. high/low track: 3*2pcs led chips lined in a bais/slant direction as precise as original bulbs, derived from original halogen bulb, B. integrated & precise reflector of low beam is imitated from original halogen hi/lo bulbs' reflector, producing perfect lighting pattern,
3. adjustable H1 and H3: aluminum body can be spin slightly for adjusting led chip angle,
4. cutting line & focus point: clear and right position, no glare, no dark area,

G. 4 BODIES: fits for all car models,
1. four bodies: H1,H3,H7,H4,
2. adpators: single: H7 body fits for H8,H10,H9/H11/H16(JP),H16(EU)/5202,H12,9005,9006,H12,D1/D2/D3/D4; hi/lo: H4 body fits for 9004,9007,H13,
3. switch cables: single: H7 to H8/H9/H11/H12/H16(JP)/H16(EU)/5202, H7 to 9005/9006/H10, H7 to D1/D2/D3/D4; hi/lo: H4 to H13, H4 to 9004/9007(default 9007, adjust pins' position by yourself if need for 9004),
4. H12,D1,D3: H7 body fits for H12, D1/D3 adaptors, D1/D3 strictly requires top body width <=15mm, ours is 13mm,
5. flexible match, lower your stock:
1. buy body(H7) & adaptors(single) & switch cables(single),
2. buy body(H4) & adaptors(hi/lo) & switch cable(hi/lo),
then you get all models. kindly notice: surely it’s much stable to use direct wire cable instead of switch cable(buy each model seperately);

H. unique mold: designed by BT-AUTO. huge advantages at all aspects. patent number: H4:201530197991.2, H7:201530198203.1
I. external integrated driver: reduce base size, high efficiency,
J. fast start: reach 100% brightness instantly, much better than HID xenon bulb. high beam/low beam switch: quick & smooth,
K. CANBUS: our led headlight BT-G9X works well for most cars normally,
L. external CANBUS: for optional, use this when there is warning problem,
M. non-polarity: fits for all cars no matter it's "+"/"-" polarities or "-"/"+" polarities,
N. anti-EMI(anti-electromagnetic interference): S95/54/EC
O. water-proof & dust-proof: IP65 (Do not put led chip part inside water, because it’s naked)
P. output short circuit protection,
Q. long life: perfect heat dissipation due to best led chip & materials & design,
R. Customized: top cup color change: free, moq 100sets, laser logo: free, moq 100sets; light body color change: free, moq 200set,

G9X advantage: small integrated body, copper belt heat-dissipation, don’t have fan problem(fan broken/slow down results into led chip broken), high lumen, high illuminance(lux), good lighting pattern, perfect focus point & cutting line, light up instantly, etc.,
comparison-single(test distance 4.5M): G9X-H7: LUX 2650lx/without projector
HALOGEN H7: LUX 304lx: disadvantage: low brightness(illuminance(lux)),
comparison-hi/lo(test distance 4.5M): G9X-H4: LUX 2590lx/high beam, 2530lx/low beam
LED type A-H4: LUX 1002lx/high beam, 375lx/low beam: disadvantage: have fan problem, aluminum PCB(not copper), illuminance(lux) is low even with 4pcs led chips/high beam, big base, floodlight, not good lighting pattern or foucs,
LED type B-H4: LUX 1032lx/high beam, 670lx/low beam: disadvantage: aluminum PCB(not copper), illuminance(lux) is comparatively low, floodlight, not good lighting pattern or foucs,
LED type C-H4: LUX 743lx/high beam, 394lx/low beam: disadvantage: bad led chip, brightness(lumen) and illuminance(lux) are much low, big base, floodlight, not good lighting pattern or foucs.

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