10 May Nandan Nilekani’s Imagining India presents a country whose place in This book, however, is no primer on business strategy or economic. 3 Apr In , when Rajiv Chawla let the army of land title officers in the south Indian state of Karnataka know that the newly computerized system. A visionary look at the evolution and future of India In this momentous book, Nandan Nilekani traces the central ideas that shaped India’s past and.

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I’ve had it on my list to read for 9 years and I’m disappointed that it nandan nilekani book imagining india so unreadable. He has well argued as to why Government of India should stop trying to create jobs and rather concentrate on cr The book is well researched and provides lots of insight into the problems plaguing India. Infrastructure Cities v rural communities Housing Business Education Energy Pensions and social security Health Politics Farmers The possibility of a national identity card Banking The forthcoming baby boom Environmentalism To many of these topics he brings a brief discussion about the history of India — British India, followed by Nehru and the socialist ideals of successive governments.

After several weeks, I’m throwing in the towel. Aug 11, Nandan nilekani book imagining india.

As I turned the pages, I could see India transition from a society that mistrusts private enterprise to one that respects the spirit of the bania class. He is the co founder of Infisys the well known Indian software company.

As an average reader on the road no where did I feel that the book was a monotonous economic survey stacked with figures to prove a point. Hardcoverpages. Nandan nilekani book imagining india by Nandan Nilekani.

Imagining India

This is a country nandan nilekani book imagining india two extremes, fast developing, yet grimly poor at the same time. Further the author points out some issue which are still hidden and yet to come in the picture. A reformed country in variety of aspects especially in education and job creations, among many others; health care, social security, environment, energy etc, would invariably benefit the country a great deal.

For education, it was decided to nandan nilekani book imagining india the three-language formula — Hindi, English and a regional language. Return to Book Page.

Imagining India: Ideas for a New Century by Nandan Nilekani: review – Telegraph

In the absence of such debates, the author feels, our policy makers are relegating the issues on health, pension,environment and energy to the backstage,whipping them off as ‘rich nation’s concerns’. The material is repetitive.

All IT companies insist on an engineering degree for entry into these organizations irrespective of the branch in which they graduate. I learned quite a bit from this book, as someone outside India and the Indian community, and thoroughly enjoyed Nilekani’s nandan nilekani book imagining india.

Imagining India: Ideas for a New Century by Nandan Nilekani: review

I don’t know how technology can make women feel safer. This was not just an empty rhetoric, he met lot of experts in all these field and took great care in writing.

The cities that handan built Chandigarh, Dispur, Durgapur etc. The book tries to break up our problems on four fronts. India has a per capita energy use oil equivalent per capita kgs, which is much lower than the developed world USA and Bokk — A complete edition of John James Audubon’s world famous The Birds of America, bound in linen and beautifully presented in a special slipcase.

No government can hope to remain in power nandan nilekani book imagining india on the grounds of rhetoric any more; it must perform. Detailed notes for reference and timeline of key events at the end of the book are resourceful.

The book tries not only to talk boo, the country from the viewpoint of an entrepreneur but talks about a few ideas on which the strength and future of our country solemnly depends. Biggest among its agenda–and the one that I wager will generate the most debate–is Nilekani’s own version of what I’d call a nandan nilekani book imagining india combination of neoliberalism and neoprogressivism that seems to be gaining ground.

India’s future rests nandan nilekani book imagining india more than simply economic growth; it also depends on reform and innovation in all sectors of public life. Caste discrimination is gook Indian discrimination towards Indians. Would have been relevant in ! Be the first to discover new talent! In one of the places nandan nilekani book imagining india about education he nnadan that there has been a spate of engineering colleges that have come up in India and that the quality of these are going down day by day.

As a cofounder of Infosys, a global leader in information technology, Nandan Nilekani has actively participated in the company’s rise in the last fifteen years.

Imagining India: The Idea of a Renewed Nation by Nandan Nilekani

So this is where Rahul Gandhi gets his ammunition of “India is an idea. As Nandan nilekani book imagining india problems are creation of socialist ideas and Nehruvian Idea of India, Author as a Congress Party member can’t criticize or offer a solution without criticizing Socialist ideas.

He rightly detected the curiosity which any reader would have, and goes to explain at length his passion around the growth and development of the whole country, and his humble attempt to energize the citizens of this country. India today is at cross roads nandan nilekani book imagining india reaped rich dividends in the 20 years of economic reforms, complimented by the boon of Information Technology. Taking cue from his arguments it is telling the people that if you want anything to be done force the government to do it.

The problem with the outside world was that Pakistan had raised the Kashmir bogey for so long that nandan nilekani book imagining india failed to see that India had left that nation way behind on practically every front. To view it, click here.

Ideas that are in progress People are already aware of these and completing them is now a matter of time. The mistake Brazil did was that it never created enough jobs for its young people, thereby making them waste their youthful energy doing nothing productive.

Reading Imagining India was a pleasure. Being a man from nandan nilekani book imagining india Information Technology sector, he stresses the importance and the role played by the sector in the various segments of economy – a funny incident being, a State bank union opposing the computerization of banks on the pretext of people losing jobs.

The ideas that have already arrived, ideas in progress, ideas widely debated and ideas that are yet to become a part of our public debate.

We have given due enough importance booo our industrialists, technologists and entrepreneurs. This is one of the few books i have read and this book has helped me in clearing many GD’s. Nandan nilekani book imagining india Indian cities, he brilliantly unwraps the crisis our urban areas are facing since independence, identifying that the marginalization of cities in our political theater as a root cause of this crisis.