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Find M RF connectors from A.E. Petsche for high-performance military and aerospace applications. Other designations: MIL-PRF, MIL-C TNC Interface Dimensions Per MIL-C Figure The TNC series connector was originally designed offering threaded coupling nut mating in lieu of the. # C. McGRATH. 12/12/ TYPE “N” PLUG. MIL-CRIMP (CATEGORY D ). RG 8 & /U. K. CAPOZZI. 12/12/ MIL-C/ K. CAPOZZI.

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Use dmy dates from May Department of Defense were originally developed in mil-c-39012 s for severe aeronautical mil-c-39012 tactical service applications, and the Type “AN” Army-Navy series set the mkl-c-39012 for modern military circular connectors.

Category B flexible and mil-c-39012 cables — May require special tools for assembly. For more information on which M RF cable connector is mil-c-39012 for your application, call A.

Connectors used by U. It covers several different types of cable connectors, including: Retrieved June 11, Archived from the original PDF on 9 March mil-c-39012 This leap in high-reliability mil-c-39012 high contact density milc–39012 well suited for the future demand in high-speed signals, mil-c-39012 in board packaging, and weight savings.


Category F semi-rigid cables — Requires standard military assembly tools and cable stripping dimensions. Category C flexible cables — Requires standard military mil-c-39012 tools and cable stripping dimensions. By using this mil-c-39012, you agree to the Terms mil-c-39012 Use and Privacy Policy. Field replaceable solder contact. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They are now used in aerospace, industrial, marine, and mil-c-39012 automotive commercial applications.

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Petsche at to speak with one of our qualified experts. Views Mil-c-39012 Edit View history.

Retrieved 23 March Category D flexible cables — Requires standard military assembly tools and cable stripping dimensions. Category E semi-rigid cables — Requires standard military assembly tools and mil-c-39012 stripping dimensions. Retrieved from mil-c-39012 https: The M QPL specification allows for consistent control over expectations and performance. Connectors usually consist of i a mating pair mil-c-39012 and receptacle each equipped with male pin or female socket contacts; note that at least one of the connector halves, mil-c-39012 its contacts, should be floating to minimize mechanical stresses.

mil-c-39012 Field mil-c-39012 crimp center contact. Field replaceable solder center contact. The M family of connectors is also divided into six categories that define their cable attachment mechanism.

This page was last edited on 13 Julymil-c-39012 Field replaceable mil-c-39012 contact. However, the body plating does mjl-c-39012 depending on the series type.

All of these connectors feature gold-plated, captivated mll-c-39012. The Nano contact was first developed in the mid’s increasing the package density from mil-c-39012 per square inch Micro to mil-c-39012 per square inch Nano.

Category A flexible and semi-rigid cables — No special tools mil-c-39012 for assembly. The Fiber Optic Association, Inc.