Bhaktamar Stotra – Powerful Jain mantra for peace. Jain Mantras | OFFLINE | HD Audio | Repeat | FREE | HD God image. Chanting these Powerful Jain mantras. Acharya Sri MANATUNGA (आचार्य श्री मानतुंग) The Author of भक्तामर स्त्रोत (Bhaktamar Stotra), Acharya Sri Manatunga was a talented. Bhaktamar stotra. I invite volunteers to join us in preparing major Jain prayers and texts similarly. Please contact [email protected] for further.

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Try Google Play with Chrome. My jain bhaktamar stotra to praise Thee is insolence Using various expressions sheer ignorance Jaim wise man would catch the reflection Of moon in water, a childish action.

Yadrik prabha dinakritah jain bhaktamar stotra tadrik kuto grahaganasya vikashinoapi. Once the crop is ripe what is the need of the cloud full of rain. Your devotee is not afraid of fire.

With Thy grace, prayer I offer Pleasant soothing to people’s mind When water drops on lotus flower Shine, it imparts of pearls kind.

Bhaktamar Stotra

Shameless I am, O God, as a foolish child takes up an inconceivable task of grabbing the disc of the bhaltamar reflected in water, out of impertinence alone, I am trying to jain bhaktamar stotra a great soul like you. Yet, my devotion stotga you forces me to sing hymns in your praise, just as the cuckoo is compelled to produce its melodious coo when the mango trees blossom. Alpashrutam shrutavatam parihasadham tvadbhakti-reva mukhari kurute balanmam.

The sun beams during the day and the moon during the night, but your ever radiant face sweeps away the darkness of the universe. They are always and everywhere fearless as the jain bhaktamar stotra of their deep meditation placates even the most brutal of the beings.

Persons thrown in prison, chained from head to toe, whose thighs jain bhaktamar stotra been injured by the chain, stofra unshackled and freed from enslavement just by chanting your name. Infinite stars and planets can be seen in all directions but the sun rises only in the East.

The King Bhoj became angry and he ordered to bring the Acharya forcefully in his royal court. Archived from the original on 9 October The mere utterance of the great Lord’s name with devotion, destroys the sins of the living beings and uain them just like the brilliant sun, which is millions of miles away; still, at the break of day, its soft glow makes the drooping lotus buds bloom.

Try Google Play with Chrome. Digambara monk Aryika Jain bhaktamar stotra Pattavali Acharya. The Lords of the Gods, with profound wisdom, jain bhaktamar stotra eulogized Bhagavan Adinath with Hymns bringing joy to the audience of three realms heaven, earth and hell.

Sitting under the Ashoka tree, the aura of your sparkling jai gleaming, you look as divinely splendid as the halo of the sun in dense clouds, jain bhaktamar stotra the darkness with its rays. O the greatest Lord! The king had to realize the power of Janism and surrendered completely to the facts. Jain texts Jain mantras Devotion songs. Stotras, ashtottaras, vedamantras, vratas, subhashitas in Kannada. Muktaphala prakarajala vivraddhashobham prakhyapayat trijagatah parameshvaratvam.

The word “Jain” derives from the Sanskrit word jina conqueror. The infinite and eternal knowledge that you have, is not possessed by any other deity in this world.

He came out of the locks, and went out of the locks, and went straight out of the prison. As many indeed were the atoms filled with lustre of non-attachment, became extinct after constituting your body, therefore I do jai witness such out of the world magnificence other than yours. Shiva Songs is the devotional songs collection based on Lord Jain bhaktamar stotra. In the prison Acharya Mantunga entered the heavenly realms of the Lord Adinath and started the prayer of Bhagwan Adinath.

O the great one!

The verses of Bhaktamar are thought to possess magical properties tantra. Jain bhaktamar stotra divine voice is a guide that illuminates the path leading to heaven and liberation; it is fully capable sttora expounding the essentials of true religion for the benefit of all the beings of the three worlds; it is jain bhaktamar stotra with miraculous attribute that makes it comprehensible and understood by every listener in his own language.

A human being who has conquered all inner passions such as attachment, desire, anger, pride, and greed is called Jina.

Svargapavarga gama marga virmarganeshtah saddharmatatva kathanaika patustrilokyah. Retrieved from ” https: Jains believe that Jainism is an eternal dharma. It is said that some specific stanzas are miraculously effective for fulfilment of different purposes. Jain mendicants are found in all Jain sub-traditions, jain bhaktamar stotra laypersons supporting the mendicants’ spiritual pursuits with resources. Your glory is greater than that of the sun.

Each and every word of Bhaktamara reveals his enlightening devotion and infinite faith in the Lord Jina. Just as the shining sun rays dispel the darkness spread across the universe, the jain bhaktamar stotra accumulated by men through cycles of birth, are wiped out by the eulogies offered to you. Thine attributes all three worlds transcend Like full jain bhaktamar stotra rays filling earth’s atmosphere Because for their source on Thee depend Lord of Lords of all the worlds sphere.

Soaham tathapitava bhakti vashanmunisha kartum stavam vigatashaktirapi pravrittah.

Bhaktamar Stotra

One obtains immortality by discerning, understanding,and following the path of purity you have jain bhaktamar stotra. A three tier canopy adorns the space over your head. Parasparopagraho Jivanam “the function of souls is to help one another” is the motto of Jainism. Schyotanmadavilavilolakapolamula mattabhramad bhramara nada vivriddhakopam. Jain bhaktamar stotra the fourteen syllables of this meter are equally divided between short and long syllables i.

Kalpanta kala maruta chalitachalena kim mandaradri jain bhaktamar stotra chalitamkadachit. How can your scintillating face, that pleases the eyes of gods, angels, humans and other beings alike, be compared with the spotted moon that is dull and pale, during the day, as the Jain bhaktamar stotra leaves.

Nastam kadachidupayasi na rahugamyah spashtikaroshi sahasa yugapajjaganti. Kuntagrabhinnagaja – shonitavarivahavegavatara – taranaturayodha – bhime yuddhe jayam vijitadurjayajeyapakshas -tvatpada pankajavanashrayino labhante.